Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day FIVE - Morning with Molly

Molly was sitting up, quietly, waiting for me this morning, after sleeping until 6 am, better than the last few days, waking at 5.  She didn't utter a peep or whine... just sat there waiting to join me in welcoming the morning.

I let her outside for a few minutes while I brushed my teeth and started the coffee... but she was right at the door whining to get in, wanting to be with me.  Up on my bed, like every morning so far. She wrestled and chewed on her play things for about an hour while I sipped my coffee and enjoyed watching her. Once in a while she'd attack my hand, or go towards my face, so I quickly gave her a little whap on the nose and pushed her down saying "nooo", then returned to rewarding her softer play. Every time she'd start to mouth me, I give her one of her chew toys.

My goal is to have a morning companion as I write in my journal. Now that she's napping once again, I think she's getting my vision!

I just love her sweet energy!

Here are the latest pictures.....

A new friend Jake, (who's willing to get down on the floor with her!) played with her Friday evening...

Sooo cute, playing with her new toys....
 Tied her toy to a rope, gave her some interactive fun.
 6 a.m. on my bed, looking out towards my Zen garden, chewing on her toys. She wakes up so FULL of energy!!

 Melts my heart!
 Ahh... this is what I want in the mornings, snuggle buddies!

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