Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Getting Impatient....

We're so looking forward to taking Molly on walks, to the beach, and to friends. But her vet says don't let her feet touch the ground where Parvo germs might be lurking. Parvo is carried by adult dogs, they don't get it, but puppies do. Tomorrow is her second set of shots and weigh in. Brother, has she grown! We can hardly pick her up.

Here she is last Saturday when we took her to meet Cousins Jan, Gina and Norm. That's Cousin Jan holding her, sorry her head's cut off. But Molly is sure cute! And boy, she's getting too heavy to carry!
PS.... Shhhh, don't tell anyone (don't want to jinx our luck) she hasn't piddled in the house for over a week! She has free roam to wander inside and out. Feeling lucky!

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