Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NINE Weeks.... Morning snuggle

Wow... today is our first week anniversary since Molly has come home to live with us! She is a morning pooch! I think she's gained a pound or two, she certainly looks older and bigger than a week ago.

I'm loving that she loves her crate/kennel. She's happy to go in for nap times (so I don't have to watch her). Yesterday, after a three hour nap, she just sat on my lap and cuddled, just like a toddler. Her face had a sleepy, dreamy look, and she kept nuzzling as close as she could get. What a fabulous experience.

And, at the same time, she's quite full of PUPPY energy! She has about three puppy-fits a day.... where she dashes around, chews on absolutely anything, barks at us, nips at almost everything, and then dashes around some more! Poor Lulu, our Basset hound, still wont have anything to do with her. Lulu will come around eventually.

This morning was great.... she's been waking up around 5ish, and I've been taking her outside, then back to bed with me. This morning though, I decided to not pay attention to the 5am wakeup-whine, and she went back to sleep until 6:15. Much better.

So, we've developed a routine. I take her out right away so she can piddle, then bring her back to my bed to play. Eventually, I'd like her to cuddle in the morning while I write. (Like I am now, after she's worn herself out.)

And this is what I'm loving.... after-play, sleepy, snuggle.

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